ORGA EN 2016 2


The UTAC brand is devoted to all institutional activities, covering regulatory affairs, approval, roadworthiness and certification.


The CERAM brand is devoted to all technical activities through development & validation, covering all the associated skills and resources of the Linas Montlhéry and Mortefontaine sites.

The fields addressed by CERAM are the environment (energy, emissions, noise, vibrations and electromagnetic compatibility), active and passive safety, plus endurance and reliability. All the track activities are integrated into CERAM.

Events & Training (EEF)

Events and Training includes the Paris Auto Events and EFCAM brands, which are experts in the organisation of events, incentives, track and facilities rental, in driver training and sports driving courses.

Consulting and Training (CEF)

Consulting and Training is dedicated to customer support, providing them with a whole range of services contributing to optimising their performance.

Automobile Standardisation Office (BNA)

The task of the Automobile Standardisation Office consists in:

  • Proposing a standardisation policy focusing on needs in terms of international standards
  • Establishing a French standardisation programme with the stakeholders
  • Assisting industry experts in other national and international bodies
  • Monitoring standards both on a national and international scale on behalf of its stakeholders
  • Providing secretariat services for the ISO/TC22 and four of its sub-committees, the CEN/TC301 and several working groups belonging to the various committees covered by the AFNOR delegation

Central Technical Body (OTC)

In October 1991, UTAC was appointed as the Central Technical Body by the French Ministry of Transport. The OTC is responsible for:
  • Gathering and analysing the results of all the roadworthiness tests carried out on light and heavy vehicles, ensuring controls are uniform and collecting information concerning the state of the nationwide vehicle fleet
  • Keeping the elements used to adapt test equipment and methods to technical progress up to date, as well as the information and the inspector’s training.
  • Providing the Administration with technical support to monitor installations and verify the quality of services supplied

The OTC is also appointed to use European Community type-approval dossiers in order to register vehicles. It carries out all operations linked to:

  • Allocation of the National Type Identification Code (CNIT)
  • Conveying technical data to the authorities in charge of registration
  • Compiling and maintaining data banks resulting from European vehicle type approval
  • Monitoring the evolution of vehicles' technical characteristics and performances