Mortefontaine test centre

Circuit MTF

 60 years of existence.



In 1956, Simca decided to build a test centre in Mortefontaine for the development of its vehicles. The brand was bought in 1968 by the American company Chrysler which took the control of the test centre at the same time.

In 1978, Chrysler Europe is bought by Peugeot and Simca is renamed Talbot.

1988 is the turning point of the Mortefontaine test centre. Valeo took the control of the test centre and decided to open its doors to other manufactures.

In 1993, after refocusing its activities, Valeo decided to stop the exploitation of the Mortefontaine test centre. In 1994, the economic interest group CERAM (Centre for Automotive Testing and Research of Mortefontaine) is created and the centre is managed by Matra.

In 2003, the Italian company Pininfarina s.p.a. become the new shareholder of CERAM.

UTAC has acquired the Mortefontaine test centre in 2008. Thus, this is the first step of the creation of the group UTAC CERAM and CERAM is renamed Centre for Testing and Research applied to Mobility.

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