Audibility of electrified vehicles

EV sound web

 A new regulation on electric and hybrid vehicles with regard to their reduced audibility.



The urban mobility is into full change for several years and changes gradually our perception and our behaviour as road user.

Electrified vehicles, which are in full development, play an important role in this urban mobility change. Besides the obvious interest for the reduction of the atmospheric pollution, Electrified vehicles also contribute to decrease the noise annoyances in cities. This apparent "silence" is a purchasing criterion for this type of vehicle which can engender fears for the vulnerable users of the road.

UTAC CERAM participates actively since several years in the work of the development of methods and audible systems allowing the reduction of the potential dangerousness of these silent vehicles:

  • Studies and tests (outdoor, indoor and jury testing) for the French government and the automotive industry,
  • Participation in regulatory and standardization working groups,
  • Leader of the group UNECE/WP29/GRB/QRTV (Quiet Road Transport Vehicle) which results in the adoption and the publication in September 2016 of the regulation ECE138 by the GRB chaired by UTAC CERAM (Working Party on Noise).


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